Hit and Run Driver Causes Fiery Crash in Metairie

Metairie, LA (JANUARY 9, 2019) – An incident involving an 18-wheeler, its two trailers, a box truck, and a silver Mercury Grand Marquis ended in fire and and hit and run investigation.

According to investigators, the Grand Marquis caused the accident by entering the eastbound lanes of the interstate and then striking the side of the truck. The truck driver lost control, causing one of his trailers to detach and roll into a canal.

The Grand Marquis took off, dumping the vehicle on Edenborn Street in Metairie. Meanwhile, interstate traffic halted in both directions to allow first responders into the area. The truck driver suffered minor injuries. In addition, there was extensive damage to the bridge piers and other parts of the roadway.

Investigators have not yet located the hit and run driver of the Grand Marquis.