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Hernia Mesh Lawyer

Hernia mesh implants
Experience post-surgical complications from hernia mesh?

Hernia Mesh Product Defect Attorney

Most types of hernia medical repairs involve mesh products. Unfortunately, not all hernia mesh products are created the same. In fact, certain mesh product brands have been shown to increase risks of post-surgical complications. When a patient suffers due to the failure of a medical device manufacturer creating a safe product, the public has a right to hold the manufacturer liable in court.

Did you or a loved one recently undergo a hernia surgery that resulted in complications due to faulty hernia mesh? Then you could potentially receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills and injuries.  Don’t delay in contacting a hernia mesh lawyer for more information. At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our legal team can give you a free consult. You may be eligible to seek financial compensation for your financial losses and emotional distress.

Defining Hernia

A hernia occurs when part of an organ pushes through a wall of muscle or other tissue that normally holds it in place.  Hernias can also occur when an organ becomes displaced. Common examples of hernia include abdominal wall hernia and hernias of the diaphragm.

Abdominal hernias usually occur when the small intestine, muscle tissue or belly button (umbilicus) pushes through a weakened area of the abdominal wall. Diaphragm hernias occur when part of the stomach or esophagus push through the diaphragm into the chest cavity.  No matter what type of hernia a person has, symptoms can cause extreme pain, chronic health conditions, abdominal masses and swelling.

Most types of hernia will require surgical treatment. In addition, most surgeons will patch the torn area with hernia mesh because it is a pliable medical material. Oftentimes medical mesh products include synthetic or animal-derived materials.

Risks Associated with Hernia Mesh

Today, hernia mesh products inserted during surgery have the expectation of remaining indefinitely inside a patient. Which makes product safety a high priority for hernia mesh manufacturers so that they reduce any risk of complications with patients.

However, manufacturers do not always produce safe medical products. Their neglect can then result in a patient suffering prolonged emotional and physical trauma from additional treatments and surgeries needed to remove and/or replace a defective mesh product.

Furthermore, additional medical care and treatments often equate to higher medical bills and longer periods of recovery.

Get Help Dealing with Post-surgical Hernia Complications

A hernia mesh product defect lawyer can help injured patients determine whether their hernia mesh caused post-surgical complications. If a mesh product used in your surgery was found faulty, you may be held to hold the manufacturer responsible for medical bills and other damages. Call or chat with us now to scheduled a free consultation!