Safety Tips to Prevent Frightful Halloween Accidents in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans

Ah, Halloween in New Orleans. It’s a special day for children of all ages — and one that should only be about fun and pretend frights. As much fun as Halloween can be, the holiday can also be dangerous. The good news is that COVID-19 cases have been going down since last month, which should make the holiday safer for your family. To help take the fright of other dangers out of your Halloween fun, Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys has come up with a few tips on how to enjoy a safer 2021 Halloween.

8 Tips for a Safer Halloween in New Orleans

1. Let adults do the carving. Jack-o’-lanterns can be more than just scary-looking if you let young children wield real knives. Leave the carving to adults. Let children decorate safely with magic markers, construction paper and glue, and glitter. Also, use glow sticks or battery operated electric candles for lighting. These days, you don’t have to risk serious burn injuries and fire by lighting jack-o’-lanterns with real candles.

2. Wear a protective mask with your costume. Although the Louisiana mask mandate is slated to end on October 27, 2021, it’s still a good idea to wear an N95 or KN95 mask if you’re attending an indoor Halloween event. The good news is that there’s no shortage of creative and safe costumes for children to wear that are COVID-19 friendly, allowing for the use of a protective face mask with at least two layers of breathable fabric that covers your mouth and nose. Just don’t layer a protective mask with a costume mask to avoid breathing restrictions.

3. Leave sharp accessories at home. Wands, knives and swords can be dangerous or defective even if they’re just toys. Thankfully, there are many foam accessories that look great, are soft, and don’t have any sharp edges. Alternatively, flexible glow sticks are just as fun without the risks — and they make your child more visible to drivers and other pedestrians.

4. Keep your distance. If you do go out, take extra precautions and modify your activities to keep a social distance of at least six feet from people outside your household or those you don’t know have been fully vaccinated.

5. Frequently wash your hands. Frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating any treats, is key to help reduce the risks of catching and spreading the common cold, flu, and COVID-19. If you’re out trick-or-treating, then be sure to bring a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer for you and your party.

6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. This is difficult enough for adults, but even more so for young kids, especially those who may want to snack on a candy treat. To help reduce the temptation, bring a safe treat that can be enjoyed until you have a chance to inspect and sanitize any goodies.    

7. Don’t let your child eat treats until they’re home. Feed your child before trick-or-treating begins. Include a candy treat for dessert as appropriate, so that your child is less likely to want to snack. Once home, inspect candy wrappers for suspicious pinpricks or holes. Discard any with damaged wrappers or discoloration. You should also discard homemade offerings.

8. Watch traffic and make sure children can be seen. Drivers may have a difficult time seeing children – and they can move quickly and unpredictably. Accompany small children when they trick-or-treat. Caution teens to travel in groups. Pedestrians should stay off the road and on sidewalks. Again, they should wear bright clothing or a reflective armband to make them more visible.

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