Five ways to prevent child traffic accidents

child traffic accidents prevention

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Child traffic accidents are far more common than you would believe. In many instances, they play outside, in areas that may be close to passing cars. While the potential for harm always exists outside of circumstances you can control, there are a few ways to reduce the likelihood that your child will be involved in an accident.

Be cautious of leaving your children to play by themselves

You have to trust your children to leave them alone, but if you don’t feel they are ready, just don’t leave them unsupervised. Remember that children can become easily distracted, so make the basics of traffic safety second nature to them as soon as you can.

Teach your kids to look right, left, then right again before crossing the street

“Look one way then the other”: advice that never becomes irrelevant. No matter your age. Checking twice for traffic is the only way to safely cross the street.

Show children how to walk on the sidewalk facing traffic for better visibility

It may sound counterintuitive to face traffic, but that is the best way to prevent an accident while your child walks along the sidewalk. This way, they can better see oncoming vehicles and it may be easier for the driver to see them.

Dress kids in brightly-colored clothing

Brighter colors are more eye-catching and can help motorists see your children as they pass. Reflective items can also help. Because of this, accidents are less likely to happen.

Discuss the dangers of traffic

Prevention, in its earliest stages, is discussion. Teach your children about the dangers of playing around traffic and show them how to be a responsible pedestrian.

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