Fall Weather Slip and Fall Injuries that Can Break Your Back

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Now that fall has arrived, winter is not too far behind. While Louisiana doesn’t see too many freezing days, there’s always the possibility of having a chilly night or morning. The average temperatures during the winter usually stay within the 50-degree range during the day. What can make matters worse is that the average monthly rainfall during the fall and winter months usually hovers around five inches.

Which means that there’s always a risk of slippery surfaces, especially if a sudden cold front affects the area. New Orleans personal injury attorneys care about your safety, so they would like to remind you about the increased risk of slip and fall injuries during cooler seasons in Louisiana.

Where Slip and Fall Accidents Can Occur

A slip and fall injury can occur almost anywhere, include inside or outside homes, businesses or other places you might visit. The risk of slipping and falling increases when there is wet weather. Water that is tracked indoors can make floors slippery if it is not taken care of properly by either mopping it up, having non-slip mats in place or heaters/fans in place to dry wet areas.

Accumulations of wet leaves or fallen branches can also cause you to slip and fall if they are not cleaned up in a timely manner. Frozen puddles or icing of parking lots or walkways can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, you might not immediately know that ice has formed as you begin walking only to find out once you have slipped and fallen.

When any icy or wet slippery conditions exist, the owner of the property is responsible for making efforts to warn people.

What Should You Do if You Slip and get Fall Injuries?

If you slip and fall, you should seek immediate medical care. Often, it is not just falling that causes injury, but your efforts to stop falling, which causes additional injuries. You might think you are OK. But, if you hit your head or fall on your back, you could suffer a serious injury. In some cases, a doctor will order diagnostic imaging to determine injuries to the spine.

When possible if life threatening injuries haven’t occurred, before leaving the fall site for medical care:

    • Take note of your surroundings and photos of the area where you fell;
    • If witnesses are present, get their names and contact information;
    • Notify the property owner or business owner that you fell; and,
  • Contact a personal injury attorney.

You only have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim in the Louisiana. According to Civil Code 3492, you only have one year from the date of your injury to file your personal injury claim with the Court.

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