From the Hunt to the Parade: 2019 Easter Safety Tips

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With spring in full bloom, the world changes. Pastels become the color pallette and the weather starts to warm. The Easter bunny also prepares to hop his way across the country. You may even already have big plans to host an Easter egg hunt, backyard barbecue, or another party with your family and friends.

Moreover, New Orleans throws spectacular Easter celebrations, including annual parades, massive egg hunts, and visits from Bourgeois, the Cajun Easter Bunny. Whether your Easter plans include a large family gathering or an intimate dinner, remember safety first. Follow these tips from our personal injury accident lawyers in New Orleans to ensure a hoppy Easter.

Eggs-cellent Easter Safety Tips

No matter what you have planned, if you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt, barbecuing, swimming, or playing sports this holiday, there are many ways to suffer a personal injury. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys offers these safety tips for your Easter celebration.  

Children Safety

Have one responsible adult monitoring the children constantly, especially in and around swimming pools, even when children are just playing around the water and aren’t actually in it. Also, have an adult monitor children hunting for eggs. Kids tend to get hyper-focused, so having an adult close can help prevent injuries. Additionally, always hide eggs away from roads and driveways to prevent children from being hit by a car. Furthermore, mark uneven terrain and concealed holes around your lawn with flags or cones to prevent sprained ankles or broken bones.

Food Safety

You may be hosting a brunch or dinner. As a host, and as a chef, it’s important to wash everything, including your hands, equipment, and surfaces thoroughly in hot, soapy water for 20 seconds minimum before and after touching any food. If you have questions on the best cooking practices, you can always take a cooking class. If you are barbecuing, keep the grill away from all play areas where running children or flying toys could result in a serious burn injury or fire hazard.

Other potential food hazard considerations:

  • Keep pets safe. Make sure they don’t eat chocolate, plastic Easter grass, or other hazardous items. Remind children to never feed cats or dogs candy.
  • Be aware of food allergies, especially nut allergies of any guests. Asking your guests ahead of time can minimize any possible allergic reactions.
  • Prevent food poisoning by monitoring your hard-boiled eggs closely. Dyed chicken eggs last a week in the refrigerator, but hard-boiled eggs spoil in a couple of hours sitting outdoors. Consider using plastic eggs with surprises inside for your hunt, instead of real eggs. The best thing about plastic eggs? If you miss one, you don’t have to worry about the smell of rotting eggs.

Parade Safety

Besides small get-togethers, you may also attend one or more of the annual Easter parades held in the French Quarter on Easter Sunday. The Historic French Quarter Easter Parade and Gay Easter Parade are all free to the public. Remember, large gatherings pose even more risks to personal injury, so take appropriate precautions.

Some parade safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Arrive Early. This allows you and your family to find a safe spot during the parade before it gets too crowded. It also ensures that you get a great view.
  • Park Smartly. Once the parade is over, it can be difficult to get out. If you’re planning on staying out after the parade and returning to your car in the evening, find a well-lit parking spot to keep you and your family from walking back to your car in the dark.
  • Have a plan. Select a meeting spot for you and your family to meet if someone in your party gets lost. Police will be present at the parade, so make sure your children know they can ask a police officer for help if they get separated. Having your child memorize your cell phone number can also help your child in the event of an emergency.
  • Keep your eyes open. Pay attention closely to your surroundings. Criminals take advantage of distractions. Report any suspicious activity to police right away.
  • Bring emergency rations. Parades may clog any foot traffic going into restaurants or convenience stores; some may even be closed in observance of Easter Sunday. Pack some of your own food and water.
  • Dress for the Weather. Spring weather is often unpredictable, so dress in layers to ensure the greatest level of comfort. Make sure you wear sunblock as well to keep from getting sunburns.

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