Dangerous Common Household Items

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7 Products to Ban from Your Household

    • Sometimes the solution to one problem simply creates another one to take its place. A flame retardant chemical known as TDCPP, banned from clothing use in the 1970s due to cancer-causing properties, now appears in upholstered furniture and baby items.
    • Mothballs are composed of nearly 100 percent active insecticides. They lose their solid state and turn into toxic vapors. Children and pets can become seriously ill from ingesting mothballs.
    • Commercial oven cleaners have caustic chemicals that burns skin on contact and damage delicate membranes if the inhaling the fumes. They also present a danger to children and pets that may accidentally ingest them. DIY cleaners are better for your health and the environment.
    • If you want a fresh-smelling home, open some windows. Air fresheners, along with other scented products, contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that bind the fragrance to the product.
    • While carpeting itself is not a danger, the glues and dyes used with them are known sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), associated with health risks ranging from respiratory difficulties to cancer.
  • Lastly, pressed-wood furniture made from plywood, particleboard or fiberboard may seem innocuous. The adhesives can contain formaldehyde. This pungent, flammable chemical can cause upper-respiratory allergic reactions. Long-term exposure leads to an increased risk of leukemia and brain cancer.

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