Common Mistakes that Can Spoil Your Car Accident Claim in New Orleans

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A seemingly minor mistake has the potential to sabotage your car accident claim. That is why the actions you take following your car accident are of the utmost importance. Our New Orleans car accident attorneys put together of few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid as they could spoil your chances of receiving compensation for injuries and other damages.

Being Overly Social on Social Media

Opposing counsel and insurance adjusters will turn over every rock to prove you are not as injured as you claim to be. They will go as far as checking your social media accounts for evidence that contradicts your injury claim. So be careful on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Your best course of action is to cease all social media activity until your case is resolved.


Providing incorrect information on an insurance application can void your personal injury claim. This applies to uninsured motorist coverage. Tell the truth to avoid spoiling your car accident claim.

Also, your insurance company and/or the insurance company of the at-fault driver might perform surveillance on you following the accident. A private investigator could record you performing physical activities including work, athletics, chores around the house and so on. The last thing you need is to be caught in a lie about your injury and physical condition.

Signing Your Rights Away

Opposing counsel, insurance companies and other parties will attempt to get you to sign documents that make it challenging to pursue a car accident claim. Do not sign a single document until you consult with our New Orleans car accident attorneys about the papers in question. Let our attorneys read over the fine print to ensure it does not contain language about waiving future injury claims or permitting an insurance company to obtain your medical records and breach your privacy.

Mistakes with Evidence

Handling evidence pertaining to your car accident plays an important part in your case. Save all evidence related to the car accident. Keep all items provided by your doctor for treatment related to injuries even causally related to the car accident. Save those prescriptions, pill bottles, braces, casts etc.

Document your injuries and subsequent surgery/treatment with pictures or video. Pictures and video before and after treatment will help prove the legitimacy of your injury. You should also have the damage to your vehicle documented with pictures or video footage.

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