Common Cause of Tire-Related Accidents in New Orleans

New Orleans tire-related accidents

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National Tire Safety Week is right around the corner. The week takes place from May 22 to June 4. This is your chance to check your tires’ air pressure, tread and general health. Doing so might pinpoint a problem that has the potential to cause an accident, especially those tire-related accidents.

At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, we know that poor tire condition has the potential to result in a painful, if not fatal, accident. If you are injured in any sort of automobile accident and suspect it was caused by another’s negligence, be it tire-related or any other form of carelessness, reach out to ourNew Orleans car accident attorneys.

Tire Maintenance Tips

Keep the following in mind when you perform tire maintenance to reduce the odds of an accident:

    • Check the tire pressure. It is prudent to check your tire pressure every month. Tires typically lose a pound per square inch of air each month. Keep this fact in mind: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports the top cause of tire-related accidents is poorly inflated tires. Furthermore, checking your tire air pressure will extend the lifespan of your tires. Take a look at your driver side door or your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the proper PSI.
    • Perform a tire inspection. Take a close look at your tires while you are checking the PSI. Get down close to each tire and also, look for signs of trouble like bulges and cracks. You might even find an object like a nail or screw that has punctured the tire.
    • Mind the tire tread. Tires do not last forever. The tread will eventually wear to the point that it is hazardous to drive. The typical tire has a wear bar between tire treads. If the tire tread depth reached the bar or moved below it, replace your tires . You can also check tire tread wear with a penny. Turn the coin upside down so Lincoln’s head is between the tread. If you can clearly see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tread is low and it is time to buy new tires.
  • Rotate those tires. If you leave your front and rear tires in place for too long, they won’t wear evenly. Excessive wear to two or more tires has the potential to be deadly. Consider thefatal accident of Derek Williams in nearby Waggaman. Williams perished after being struck by a vehicle with overly-worn tires that couldn’t properly execute a turn.

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