Who’s Responsible if I’m Hurt on a Cruise Ship?

Who’s Responsible if I’m Hurt on a Cruise Ship?

Taking a cruise is one of the most popular vacation activities, but some vacationers don’t enjoy their time on the high seas. An illness or injury can put a damper on any vacation, but being hurt at sea is handled much differently than being hurt on land. Luckily, maritime law not only covers employees, but […]

Another Boat Crashed into Me: Can a Louisiana Maritime Lawyer Help?

There are rules of the water for vessels just as there are rules of the road for automobiles. Unfortunately, plenty of boaters drink copious amounts of alcohol and/or use drugs while on the water. Some boaters are simply reckless thrill-seekers with no regard for the rule of law or the well-being of others. You are […]

Common Maritime Injuries in New Orleans

There is a common misconception that injuries on shipping vessels and the water in general are primarily attributable to those who work on oil rigs. After all, just about everyone has heard about how dangerous it is to work on an oil rig. In reality, maritime injuries occur on cruise ships, yachts, oil rigs, and […]

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime commerce plays a major role in New Orleans. Maritime law governs any activities that occur on the water and includes many legal issues that also occur on land. This can include criminal offenses, workers’ comp, personal injury, and more. But maritime law includes special legal rules. Maritime law is complex and requires a skilled […]

Boating Accidents While Under the Influence

The law in Louisiana is very clear when it comes to operating boats while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are underage with any alcohol in your system, Of age with anything over 0.08 blood alcohol, Or the owner of the boat being operated by an intoxicated person, you are going to […]

The Jones Act & Maritime Law

Injuries that occur on the water are governed by different laws than those for injuries that occur on land. Maritime laws are complex, so you need a New Orleans maritime attorney specially trained in maritime law to represent you. A skilled attorney will fully understand how Maritime Law and The Jones Act Law factor into […]

Boating Tips to Keep You Safe on New Orleans’ Waterways

Whether you’re taking your boat out on Lake Pontchartrain or the Gulf of Mexico, it’s important to operate your boat safely. Your safety, as well as that of your passengers and other people out on the water, will be affected by your preparation and actions. That’s why the boating accident lawyers in New Orleans at […]

What you need to know about Louisiana maritime laws

Most US residents know their basic rights. Most of what we know might be what we learn in movies (at least the Miranda rights, when they say “You have the right to remain silent …” well you know the rest) or something learned in High School Civics. Other than that, attorneys or a lawyer teach […]

What to do For Those Injured at Sea

Injuries on Louisiana Cruises Tourism is one of the key financial motors driving the economy of Louisiana. Due to the state’s entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River and different waterways, numerous visitors run to the state to set out on travels along the Mississippi River or into the Gulf and beyond. Despite […]

10 Personal Injuries for Seafarers to Expect

Every career has job-specific dangers. If you work at sea, there are a few types of injuries that you may be more at risk of sustaining than those with landlocked jobs. Many injuries that happen aboard maritime vessels are the result of carelessness, and can easily be avoided if a few precautions are taken. To […]


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