7 Arrested in Car Crash Staging

New Orleans, LA (January 3, 2019) – What seemed to be a regular car crash back in 2016 has turned out to be much more. Police have arrested 7 individuals accused of car crash staging in order to get insurance money.

The individuals set up the scene at the Lower 9th Ward on October 14, 2016, at Law and Forstall Streets in Orleans Parish. The Louisiana Department of Insurance alerted detectives of possible fraudulent claims.

The car crash staging involved a 2016 GMC Sierra and a 2012 Chevrolet Malibu. After the incident, seven people filed accident reports and made insurance claims in the hopes of receiving compensation.

The police eventually did receive a confession. All seven individuals are now at the Orleans Justice Center. They were each booked on two counts of Automotive Insurance Fraud, Criminal Damage to Property with the Intention to Defraud, Injuring Public Records and also Filing False Public Records.