Bond Set at $100k in Baton Rouge Elder Abuse Case

A judge ordered bond set at $100,000 for two women accused of neglecting an aging relative to the point of death. This Baton Rouge elder abuse case brings up a lot of issues.

Joleslie Looney, 53, and Lauren Looney, 17, were arrested earlier this month after authorities found that Joleslie’s mother, 82-year-old Bessie Looney, had died in her wheelchair nearly a week earlier. Judge Mike Erwin set the bond for charges of cruelty to the infirm.

Authorities indicated that Bessie Looney appeared to have been malnourished and had sores covering a large portion of her body. According to reports, neither Joleslie nor Lauren sought medical attention for the woman, even though they were aware of her condition.

The Baton Rouge coroner’s office noted that Bessie died of an infection. Th infection related to her chronic immobility became too much for her body to bear. Coupled with malnutrition and also dehydration, the woman was unable to overcome the infection.

Bessie Looney’s death is currently under investigation as a homicide.

Abuse and neglect of an elderly person is not only a horrible act, it is a crime. Do you suspect your aging loved one of mistreatment? The nursing home abuse attorneys at Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys encourage you to report it immediately. You should also remove them from the situation.

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