Big Rigs Equal Big Wrecks in New Orleans

Big Rigs big wrecks

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Large commercial trucks play a key role in transporting necessary goods to various manufacturing or retail outlets. The better the economy, the more semis hit the highways. Although the trucking industry is vital to keep commerce moving, when truckers and/or passenger vehicle drivers don’t follow standard safety procedures, big accidents can occur.

Sadly, wrecks involving big rigs often lead to much more serious injuries, including a higher risk for fatalities, than regular car accidents. New Orleans truck accident lawyers encourage you to always follow safe driving practices. Especially when sharing the road with over-sized vehicles.

Understand Big Rigs and Limitations

Travelling in a smaller vehicle makes you more vulnerable when you’re in an accident with a large truck. In fact, a majority of deaths in crashes involving 18-wheelers are occupants of passenger vehicles.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, of the 3,852 fatalities in large truck crashes nationwide in 2015. Only 16% of the deaths were truck occupants, while 69% were passenger vehicle occupants and the final 15% were bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

In Louisiana, crash data from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development logged 96 fatalities in 85 fatal big rig crashes in 2016 with 8 fatalities in 6 fatal crashes in New Orleans alone.

Although commercial truck drivers learn proactive ways to avoid accidents, it’s important you understand their limitations in crash avoidance. Elements that often factor into 18-wheeler accidents include:

  • The weight of a fully loaded tractor-trailer makes it take significantly longer to stop.
  • Heated brakes from repetitive use, makes stopping distances even greater.
  • Weight also affects how quickly big rigs can accelerate and get out of the way.
  • Big rigs have huge blind spots on both sides and in front of the cab and all around the rear of the trailer.
  • Increased size makes mobility difficult and requires wider turns.
  • Swerving quickly to avoid an accident can cause a truck to jackknife, causing an even worse accident.
  • Distraction, fatigue or impairment further slows a trucker’s reaction times.

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