Bicycle Safety Tips for Kids & Parents

New Orleans Bicycle safety tips

Keep cycling a fun event— without the tragedy of injury, such that you may need the services of New Orleans bicycle accident attorneys—by following these bicycle safety tips for kids and parents.

Follow These Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Both kids and parents should wear helmets.Fit them properly to ensure they provide true protection from injury.
  • See others, and make sure they see you.
  • Ride in nice weather during the day. Ideally, plan rides with the kiddos during the day and in nice weather, when visibility is at its best.
  • Dress in bright and/or reflective clothing so that you’ll be seen easily by motorists. (Small children are harder for motorists to see as well, because of their size.)
  • Use flashing lights on bikes, to make you even more visible to motorists.
  • Pay attention. Just because you can see motorists doesn’t mean they can see you. Always operate under the assumption that they can’t.
  • Stay out of blind spots, don’t ride too close to cars, and catch motorists’ gaze before attempting to cross in front of them.

Bicycle Riders Must Follow Louisiana’s Rules of the Road Too

Under Louisiana law bikes are vehicles. Which means that you have the same rights as other vehicle operators (cars, trucks, etc.). It also means that any moving violation on a bike will also affect your driving record.

As a bicyclist in Louisiana, you must:

  • Stop for red lights and stop signs;
  • Ride WITH traffic flow;
  • Use lights at night;
  • Yield right-of-way; and
  • Follow the speed limit.

You must also:

  • Use regular, fixed bike seats on bikes;
  • Have proper braking on bikes so that riders can stop within 25 feet at 10 miles an hour;
  • Have a suitable bike for each person riding (no passengers or doubling up unless it’s a tandem bike or has an appropriate child safety seat attached to it); and
  • Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.

It’s also important to note that parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s adherence to these rules and may not allow them to violate them.

When Should You Contact a New Orleans Bicycle Accident Attorney?

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