Basic Car Maintenance Tips for Teen Drivers

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Is your teen getting ready to drive? Then the upcoming National Teen Driver Safety week (October 15 – 21) is the perfect opportunity to go over not only the importance of safe driving techniques, but proper car maintenance too.

At Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, our car accident attorneys in Louisiana know first-hand that an improperly maintained vehicle can result in accidents and injuries that may have been avoidable. Tires without the correct pressure, dirty windshields that obscure vision and brakes that fail are just a few examples of how a poorly maintained vehicle can cause an accident.

Car Maintenance 101

You can help keep your teen driver safer on the roads by going over the following maintenance suggestions with them.

The owner’s manual is a “first resource.” The owner’s manual is the first resource your teen should consult when there’s a question about the car’s features and functions.

The manual contains model-specific information on how to properly maintain a vehicle such as:

    • The correct tire pressure
    • The type of oil and fuel (such as gas or diesel, etc.) to use
  • How to work specific functions in the car: Seat controls, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc.

Tire care is important. Make sure your teen knows how to check tire pressure (and does it often) and how to inflate tires to the proper level listed in the manual. Also, teach your teen to check the tread to make sure it’s not too thin. The penny check is an easy way to do this.

All they need to do is insert a penny into a tire’s tread groove with the president’s head turned upside and facing them.If they can see all of Lincoln’s head, then it’s time to replace the tire.

Oil should be changed regularly

The car’s engine will be less efficient if oil is not changed as often as the car’s owner manual recommends, or more often under certain conditions. Worse, failure to change it could lead to expensive wear and tear and even potentially dangerous engine failure.

Other fluids are important too. Oil may get the most attention, but there are other fluids that need to be be checked and replaced, “topped off,” or serviced by a mechanic in the event of leakage, as necessary. These include:

    • Transmission fluid
    • Coolant
    • Power steering fluid, and
  • Brake fluid

Clean the car

A clean windshield and headlights are imperative for safe driving. So is a reasonably clean interior; any unsecured items or debris can also become projectiles that cause injury if your teen has to stop suddenly or is in a collision.

Check the brakes

These devices get a workout, and their failure could mean you’ll need car accident attorneys in Louisiana. Make sure your teen knows the signs of brake trouble, such as squeaky or difficult-to-apply brakes.

Check the battery

Teach your teen to check battery charge levels and keep them fully charged. Replace every three to five years.

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