New Orleans Back to School Safety

back to school safety

With a new school year rapidly approaching, parents and students alike may be anxious about returning to class amid increasing cases of COVID-19 in New Orleans. Public school districts and private schools throughout the Big Easy have adopted varying plans for reopening, from virtual instruction to alternating in-class days for students.

Whether your kids are returning to the classroom this month, learning from home full-time, or somewhere in between, it’s important that parents prepare themselves for the coming changes. Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys shares some helpful tips to make back to school safety a breeze.

Make Sure Your Home is a Safe Learning Environment

Virtual learning may be a relief for some parents who are worried about the potential spread of COVID-19 in schools, especially if you or someone in your family is high-risk. On the flip side, however, parents and caregivers should make sure that their homes aren’t a risk to their children’s health, either. Help prevent at-home accidents and injuries with these tips:

  • Make sure children are adequately supervised. Being a working parent can make virtual learning challenging. If you need assistance getting childcare for your school-age children, resources may be available through the Louisiana Department of Education.
  • Store harmful items out of reach of children, including cleaning chemicals, prescription medications, and other potentially dangerous products. Everyday items most adults don’t think twice about can be a hazard to young children.
  • Take precautions against electrical hazards. Many students will be using technology to complete their studies, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Be careful when plugging in devices to ensure that electrical outlets are not overloaded. Utilize a surge protector and keep an eye out for worn or fraying cables, which can lead to electrocution or burn injuries.
  • Teach kids about online safety. Never assume that just because a wifi hotspot or laptop is issued by your child’s school that it is 100% safe. Teach kids about online safety, including not to give out their personal information to people they don’t know, sticking to school-appropriate websites, and how to spot a scammer or predator. You can learn more about digital safety here.

Back to School Safety In and Out of the Classroom

Hybrid learning models have been adopted in many schools, meaning some students will go back to the classroom within just a few weeks. Kids and parents alike may be out of practice when it comes to re-establishing their morning routines, including commutes and drop-offs. Here are some ways you can make sure kids get to school and back safely:

  • Be especially careful when driving. Alternating schedules should cut down on the amount of traffic while dropping off or picking up your child, but it’s important not to become complacent. Keep your focus on the road, avoid distracted driving, and always wear a seat belt.
  • Review pedestrian and bicycle safety. For kids who walk or bike to school, this means always wearing a properly-fitted helmet, using designated sidewalks and bike lanes, and following traffic safety laws. 
  • Teach kids good personal hygiene. COVID-19 in New Orleans is here to stay for the time being, so it’s important that kids learn how to best prevent the spread of this disease. Encourage frequent hand-washing and social distancing and make sure your child has a mask that fits securely over their nose and mouth.

Injured At School? Contact Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys

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