Automated Car Safety

NHTSA Reviewing Safety Rules for Automated Cars

It doesn’t matter how supporters try and spin it. Critics say with computers driving cars, accidents and injuries are sure to happen. Here we will address automated car safety.

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Mark Rosekind took over the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) in December of 2014. As a result, he undertook a full agenda with issues ranging from the Takata air bag inflator injuries to five star safety ratings for vehicles. However, future issues are approaching fast in the form of automated vehicles and distracted drivers.

Drivers in driver-less cars aren’t expected to be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle. Their only requirement is to be in a position to control the vehicle if an emergency arises. This raises concerns about automated car safety. The NHTSA is reviewing its rules to determine if these guidelines conflict with self-driving vehicle systems of the future. However, self-driving vehicles are legal in some states. They’re on the road now but only on an experimental basis. Google, Tesla and General Motors already have their own self-driving vehicles.

Automated Car Safety

Rosekind believes that the NHTSA will be given a role in the safety of self-driving vehicles and the regulations governing them. Due to this, Rosekind might be looking for standardization of signals or alerts. Operators get them from electronic systems looking for hazards around a vehicle.

Still, hands-free vehicles aren’t available for sale to the public yet. Nevertheless, the NHTSA wants regulations in place for when they mix with humans. Whether it’s a person or a computer in control of a vehicle, severe injuries can result from an accident.

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