Antibiotics Mistakenly Prescribed in Nursing Homes

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Negative Effects of Antibiotics

Health officials have expressed concern about the increase of drug-resistant infections occurring in nursing homes around the country. Wrongly prescribing antibiotics can cause bacteria to develop medication tolerances. When this happens, germs become resistant to the drugs used to treat infections. When they are able to spread, more people can become infected with the new drug-resistant bacterial strains.

Other negative effects of antibiotics include diarrhea and complications with other pharmaceuticals.

Clostridium difficile can be deadly in patients over 65 and is common to see in nursing home settings. Antibiotics may also react negatively with a patient’s other medications, causing serious harm.

Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions

A prime example of antibiotic misuse is for treatment of urinary tract infections. Many nursing home patients receive antibiotics for this illness each year, even though they may not actually have an infection.

Vague symptoms of infection may be present, and doctors may hesitate to hold off on treatment because of frailty or impairment in patients. Educating care providers regarding proper diagnosis of urinary tract infections could eliminate many unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions administered to nursing home patients each year.

Another factor leading to antibiotic misuse is remote treatment. Doctors often issue prescriptions even though they haven’t seen the patient in person. In many cases, nurses working in a nursing home will consult with doctors who aren’t at the facility regarding patient condition and symptoms. Staff turnover is also high in these facilities, further exacerbating the problem.

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