NEWS: NOLA Legal Team Files Amended Petition After Hard Rock Hotel Incident

The Legal Team of Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, Delise & Hall, and Leger & Shaw File Amended Petition to Add Additional Petitioners, Defendants, and Allegations of Facts

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NEW ORLEANS (October 25, 2019)– The legal team of Mike Brandner Injury Attorneys, Delise & Hall, and Leger & Shaw filed an amended petition on October 24, 2019 to make supplements to the previous amendment and increase the total number of petitioners, defendants, and allegations of facts listed in the original order Elias Membreno, ET AL., NO. 19-10819, that was placed on behalf of Elias Membreno, Ronal Enrique Borjas Rodas, and Mariano Bonilla. Attorney Mike Brandner is available for one-on-one speaking opportunities to provide further insight and discussion regarded the amendment by calling 504-345-1111 or via email at [email protected]

As stated in the amended document, an additional 39 petitioners were listed for a new total of 42 petitioners, additional defendants were added for a new total of 19, and additional allegations of facts were also included. 

After the amendment was filed, Mike Brandner, ESQ. offered the following remarks:

“As more time has passed, initial investigations have revealed potential causes of the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel construction site. Based on these findings and requests from other injured individuals, our legal team was compelled into amending our previous court filing that was submitted on behalf of Elias Membreno, Ronal Enrique Borjas Rodas, and Mariano Bonilla. Furthermore, all of the plaintiffs we now represent seek judgment against defendants to recover all compensatory, statutory, and other damages sustained and all other relief under applicable law.“

A few of the additional allegations of facts listed in the amended petition include:

  •  The design, planning, and construction of the structure at 1031 Canal was inadequate, likely to cause harm, and did cause harm to plaintiffs and others.
  • Defendants failed to take reasonable care in planning, assessing, and monitoring the construction of the collapsed structure. Prior to the building collapse, it was apparent that the structural supports of the building were inadequate to support the weight of concrete slabs on the upper floors, and an insufficient number of structural supports were used.
  • Before the building collapse, several inch dips began appearing in concrete decking on the upper floors, indicating either that the concrete had not adequately cured, the building lacked adequate structural support, or both.
  • Several days prior to the collapse of the building, workers noticed support beams bowing and failing, however construction proceeded apace with no immediate stop in work or change in plans.
  •  The inadequate strength of structural supports, the inadequate number of structural supports, the inadequate materials and equipment used, the inadequate architectural and engineering design, and the inadequate supervision of the construction site would have been apparent to any reasonable landowner, developer, architect, engineer, or general contractor. 

Ultimately, all of the defendants listed in the first amended, supplemental, and restated petition for damages are to be held liable to each plaintiff named for all damages arising from the defendants’ negligence, recklessness, and wanton and willful indifference, including compensatory damages and attorney’s fees. 

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