7 Deadly Black Friday Shopping Injuries

bad Black Friday shopping injuries

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With Black Friday a month away, make safe choices. Plenty of people deal with the huge crowds to score great deals on all sorts of consumer items. Though hectic, this does not give others license to harm you, your family or your property. Unfortunately, Black Friday ultimately results in all sorts of injuries to innocent parties. If injured this Black Friday or any other day, you should receive compensation. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys will help you obtain such compensation. Here’s a look at some infamous Black Friday shopping injuries.

  1. The 2010 Stabbing at a Toys for Tots Charity EventA member of the United States marines received stab wounds when attempting to apprehend a thief fleeing a Black Friday sale. The thief caught on camera attempting to steal a laptop from an Augusta, GA Best Buy. He ran from employees who attempted to detain him, pulled out a knife and stabbed the marine.
  2. The 2013 Stampede Death – A Walmart worker perished after being stampeded at a Black Friday sale in Valley Stream, NY. A mob crushed Jdimytai Damour, a security worker. Though Damour was well over six feet tall, customers knock him down with ease, ran right over him and nabbed those low-cost flat screen TVs. The stampede injured four others including a pregnant woman who ended up miscarrying as a result of her injuries.
  3. The 2011 Pepper Spray Injuries – A crazed bargain hunter doused a crowd waiting outside of a Walmart with pepper spray. She fled the scene with one of the few discounted Xbox consoles available at the store. Nearly two dozen Black Friday shoppers received injuries by the irritant. Yet the shopper received no charges. Involved in a situation that bears any semblance to this attack seek legal justice. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys will help you obtain compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering, lost hours and other damages.
  4. The 2009 TV Shooting – A senior citizen in Queens was shot because he scored a new flat screen TV. The thieves shot him in the stomach and ran off with his flat screen TV.
  5. The 2008 Toys ‘R’ Us Shooting – Two men were shot dead at a Toys ‘R’ Us on Black Friday in 2008.
  6. The 2013 North Carolina Deadly Car Accident – A group of teens fell asleep while driving home following a Black Friday shopping spree. The driver perished. The passengers suffered injuries of varying degrees.
  7. The 2011 Target Death in Charleston, West Virginia – A man collapsed while shopping during Target’s Black Friday event in 2011. His pre-existing heart condition caused the collapse. Unfortunately, fellow deal-seekers stepped right over him, ignoring his collapse so they could continue to shop. The man later passed away at a Charleston hospital.

Black Friday shopping injuries?

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