5 Ways to Reduce Head Injuries in Sports

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According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, “sports and recreational activities contribute to about 21 percent of all traumatic brain injuries among American children and adolescents.” Heading into the summer season, your kids are likely to be spending more time outdoors and playing sports. It’s important to make sure they are safe and protected from head injuries.

It’s not always possible to entirely prevent your child from suffering a head injury while participating in athletic activities. However, Michael Brandner, a personal injury lawyer, recommends the following.

Five ways to reduce the chance of your child suffering a severe head injury:

  1. Proper coaching and training. Make sure your child is being trained to engage in safe and proper contact whether they play football, lacrosse or other sports that involve or have the potential for physical contact. Coaches need training in the best approaches to prevent head injuries.
  2. Better equipment. The latest equipment helps and mouth guards have been shown to reduce both traumatic brain injuries and dental or orofacial injuries. No helmet made that can completely prevent a concussion. The design of newer helmets minimize the possibility of head injury.
  3. Increasing neck strength. Strong neck muscles can prevent concussions from whiplash-type neck injuries. Evidence has suggested that neck strengthening has the potential to be a key tool in preventing concussions.
  4. Delaying contact or collision sports until child is older. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children wait to play football and other collision sports until they are in middle school. Other recommendations are changing rules for younger players to prevent contact that can cause head injuries.
  5. Enforcing rules and supporting rule changes. Rules and new protocols have worked toward reducing concussion and long-term injuries. Strict enforcement of rules along with support for new rules, including the end of helmet-to-helmet contact.

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No amount of money can replace a child. Or, make the struggle of recovering or living with the effects of a traumatic head injury. However, if your child receives an injury because of someone else’s negligence, you both deserve compensation for the struggle that lies ahead.

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