What 2019 Law Changes Affect Me in Louisiana?

2019 law changes

2019 law changes affecting you? Call Mike Brandner today!

New year- new laws. Have you heard about the 2019 law changes in Louisiana? Consequently, many of these changes may even affect you. From college aged young adults to nursing homes, it seems that almost every adult will notice some kind of change.

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College Aged Young Adults

Back in 2016, a law passed for all four year colleges to require updated student identification cards. Thoughtfully, this law had a delayed start to give campuses time to acquire necessary equipment. Technical schools and also community colleges do not have to follow this new law.

These new ID cards will meet voter identification requirements. So, students will be able to take their student IDs to state polls to vote.

Unanimous Jury

Perhaps the biggest change in 2019 for Louisiana is the upheaval of the Jim Crow era split jury law. From now on, serious felony crimes require unanimous jury verdicts. Crimes committed and convicted before the start of the new year will adhere to previous laws. The passage of this law received support across party and religious lines.

Sexual Harassment Policies

2019 means that government agencies must put anti-sexual harassment policies into practice. State and local government alike must include procedures for handling complaints and also training into these policies. Annual reporting of sexual harassment incidents will be required as well. The reports will be made public.

“Granny- Cams”

It is also now legal for an individual or family member to place video monitoring systems in nursing home rooms. This law requires that the cameras not be hidden, and that a sign notifies those coming and going of the monitoring. Any roommate or caretaker of that roommate must sign off on the camera. If they don’t, nursing homes must find another place for the person with the monitoring system.

Other 2019 Law Changes

Additionally, the state of Louisiana passed two more notable laws. The first involves health insurance plans, while the other involves boating.

    1. Health insurance plans must now cover follow-up procedures for cancer screenings. This will affect women who, after a breast cancer diagnosis, received a bilateral mastectomy. Insurance companies must also cover 3D imaging for patients getting mammograms.
  1. Registration fees for boaters are affected in 2019 also! Watch for a $9 increase as you head to the waters this spring.

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