2 Different Kinds of Fatigue that Lead to Accidents & Injuries

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Driver fatigue is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Too many people get behind the wheel after a long work shift, or a night of partying and try to drive. Some try to drive early in the morning after insufficient sleep. Others simply spend too much time behind the wheel and end up dozing off. If in an accident, you should know help is available from our experienced Louisiana personal injury lawyers. This is the help you need to make it through the legal maze, get the compensation you are rightfully owed and return your life to normal.


Spending an extended amount of time behind the wheel can lead to drowsiness and a subsequent accident. Just about everyone has felt at least a little bit sleepy when driving a car for an extended period of time. The best idea is to stop for coffee or pull over, stretch and get the blood flowing. Unfortunately, drivers assume they will not fall asleep while behind the wheel only to doze off and crash. This is true of regular drivers as well as professional drivers.

While sleeping disorders exist, most affected persons try not to drive. Other drivers take medications and get behind the wheel only to fall asleep and smash into other cars. People take sedating medications and drive even though those medications cause drowsiness. These drivers should be held accountable for their lack of due care (negligence) and cover costs associated with resulting injuries, vehicle damage, pain, suffering and lost wages.


Plenty of accidents result from fatigued workers who attempt to drive home following a strenuous workday. Office or sedentary workers can drive drowsy and cause violent accidents, but shift worker fatigue results in more accidents. Shift workers are physically and mentally taxed when their shift ends. Fatigue caused by grueling shift work is oftentimes so powerful that it leads to the individual nodding off behind the wheel or driving while drowsy. This is precisely why a high number of shift workers end up causing accidents following their time at work.

It is certainly normal to feel a bit tired following a long day at work. However, excessive tiredness is different than feeling a bit fatigued. A drowsy employee behind the wheel puts the well-being of everyone on the road at risk. Reckless drivers should pay for their carelessness. The fact that shift workers work jobs that are physically demanding is not an excuse.

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