10 Personal Injuries for Seafarers to Expect

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Every career has job-specific dangers. If you work at sea, there are a few types of injuries that you may be more at risk of sustaining than those with landlocked jobs.

Many injuries that happen aboard maritime vessels are the result of carelessness, and can easily be avoided if a few precautions are taken.

To keep yourself and your co-workers safe, read on to consider 10 common personal injuries that seafarers might expect to sustain on the job.

10. Back/ manual lifting injury

As simple as it seems, attempting to lift heavy loads on one’s own is a very common source of serious injury. Strained muscles can put a worker out for days or even weeks, not to mention back problems can become a recurring injury requiring physical therapy and lots of patience to heal.

9. Injuries from misuse of tools or machinery

Injuries resulting from the misuse of tools or machinery have the potential to be deadly or so severe that they alter the worker’s life forever. When working with heavy machinery or any tool that has moving parts it is imperative to follow all safety precautions and only use it as advised. Using improper tools for the job is another way a serious accident might happen.

8. Cuts or lacerations

Cuts, whether minor or severe, can happen in the blink of an eye during maritime operations. An easy way to avoid unnecessary nicks is to ensure that all tools are returned to their proper location after use. Additionally, any guards used for the blades should be placed back onto the tool as soon as possible.

7. Burns

Hot pipelines, steam and fire may all result in burns or scalds to workers. Even electric shocks or faulty equipment can create a scenario that may result in an accidental burning. To avoid this, handle all heated materials with care.

6. Electric shock injuries

Exposed wires and electrical connections have the potential to cause electric shocks, which may result in serious burns or other physical trauma. Have a properly trained officer or electrical professional present to oversee the safety of any area where such conditions exist.

5. Injuries from deck operations

This type of injury is particularly important for the seafarer to beware, since the accidents that might arise from deck operations can be extremely serious. Mooring and cargo handling operations require specific procedural knowledge and safety precautions that must be observed to the letter.

4. Slips, trips and falls

Slip-and-fall accidents can easily occur where the ground is slick, and on a ship or other maritime vessel this risk is ever-present. Falls from heights, trips over ladders and more have also been reported.

3. Head injuries

An injury to the head can cause irreversible brain damage or even death. Any slip, trip or fall could lead to a head injury; seafarers should also beware of hitting their heads on door frames, pieces of machinery or while inside a confined space. So, wear a helmet to attempt to prevent these.

2. Eye injuries

The eyes are a particularly vulnerable part of a worker’s body, which is why goggles or other eye protection is of great importance on a maritime vessel. Work such as welding, painting, chipping, or jobs that require the handling of hazardous chemicals always call for protective eyewear.

1. Hand and foot injuries

Harm to the hands and feet is a very common risk that seafarers take on while working on ships and other vessels. Working in confined spaces with high-power machinery requires attention to every safety precaution because one slip of the hand can end in a very serious accident. Loose, wet, or oily gloves are sometimes to blame for accidents that involve the hands; and improper footwear plays a similar role in injuries that happen to the feet.

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